2015-07-23 - RB Configuration software has been updated!

Version 1.09 of the configuration tool for SE7EN has been released and it contains an update with minor bug-fixes and some improved dive log review features.

The latest firmware version used in the SE7EN unit is now 1.23.

RbConfig v1.09
  1. - Bug fix in firmware download
  2. - Bug fixes and stability issue
  3. - More information in the dive log header
  4. - Dive log graph is now changed to use change steps, instead of a line straight between the lines

Se7en Firmware v1.23
  1. - PreDiveTest: Adjust sensor calibration to better handle new fast O2 cells
  2. - Other minor changes

This update does not effect MkVI users.

Software / Document Version Release date
PC Configuration Tool V 1.35 with Firmware version V50P1
This is the tool you need when you want to update the Firmware on your MkVI rebreather. It also contains the latest firmware version for your MkVI.
V 1.35 2014-02-05

Firmware version 50P1 release notes.
Changes and updates in the latest firmware version.
V 50P1 2014-02-05

PC Configuration software v 1.08 - 1.09 - 1.10 - 1.12 - 1.18 - 1.35 user guide
When you've downloaded the PC Configuration software v1.35, download this user guide as well. It contains instructions how to install and use the program.

1.2 2012-08-28

3rd O2 sensor calibration kit
This is the user guide for the 3rd O2 sensor calibration kit

V1.0 2015-01-19

WeDive user guide
This is the user guide for the WeDive dive planner application

1.1 2013-08-26

Rebreather_Diver safety white paper
A document that contains lessons learned from incidents involving MkVI rebreathers.

1.0 2013-05-20

Pre Dive Checklist MkVI
The Pre Dive checklist that can be found in the MkVI usermanual, in a more print-friendly format. Print, laminate and bring it with you when ever you go diving with your MkVI.
Go through it before each and every dive, to be as safe as possible.

2.0 2013-05-21

Quick Reference - Error codes Firmware v50
This is a Quick reference List of all error codes in Firmware version 50. Download this A4 document and laminate it, and you will have a practial list that you can pack along with your equipment.
1.0 2013-06-19

Discovery FAQ guide
The Discovery FAQ guide contains helpful information on how to resolve some of the more common situations that you might run in to with your Discovery rebreather.
1.3 2010-10-11

MkVI Discovery User's guides V2.4 / V2.6
These MkVI userguides covers units that has firmware version 48P07 - V50P01 installed in the e-module.

V 2.4 / 2.6 2012-10-05

Discovery Parts List v1.4
The Discovery Parts List displays exploaded views and article numbers of parts that can be changed/replaced by the end users them selves. It also contains atricle numbers on o-ring kits that can be used on the unit.
V 1.4 2012-10-26

Rebreather Sensor Overview
This is a document, produced by the manufacturer of the oxygen sensors used in the Discovery, that explains the principles and functionallity of the oxygen sensors.

Interesting reading if you want to learn more about oxygen sensors, how they work and how to best care for them.
V 1.0 2010-08-19

Software / Document Version Release date
Rb Configuration tool - SE7EN - For PC
This is where you download the latest version, V1.09, of the RB Configuration software for PC.

V1.09 2015-07-10

Rb Configuration tool - SE7EN - For Mac
This is where you download the latest version, V1.09, of the RB Configuration software for Mac.

V1.09 2015-07-10

Poseidon SE7EN Bluetooth Connection Guide
How to connect your Poseidon SE7EN to your PC or Mac computer.
V1.0 2014-04-25

SE7EN user manual in English.
This is the English version of the Poseidon SE7EN rebreather user manual.
V1.1 2014-02-05

SE7EN user manual in Swedish.
This is the Swedish version of the Poseidon SE7EN rebreather user manual.
V1.1 2014-02-25

SE7EN user manual in Chinese.
This is the Chinese version of the Poseidon SE7EN rebreather user manual.
V1.1 2014-04-25

SE7EN user manual in German.
This is the German version of the Poseidon SE7EN rebreather user manual.
V1.1 2014-04-03

3rd O2 sensor calibration kit
This is the user guide for the 3rd O2 sensor calibration kit

V1.0 2015-01-19

Test and Error codes - SE7EN
This is a two-page document that contains the test and error codes for the SE7EN. Can be printed as a single page, with test codes on one side and errer codes on the other.

V1.0 2015-05-06

This will be the place where we will gather all support related information related to the rebreather. Eventually This will become the primary location for information and solutions to any problems you might have with your rebreather.

If you have any support questions about your rebreather, please feel free to contact us at support@poseidon.com

Error codes - What they mean and suggested solutions.
Use this little search function to get an explanation of what the error code on your display means and suggested solutions on what might be causing it and how to resolve it.

Click here to start!

Download the buyer's guide

Download the SE7EN Q&A

Developed from the world’s first recreational rebreather, the legendary Poseidon MKVI, the POSEIDON SE7EN gives you 7 Next Generation Benefits:

G7 Inside
Generation 7 electronics open up endless possibilities for interaction, accessories and apps. Entirely new internal hardware driven by a new generation of firmware makes the SE7EN faster, flexible and reliable in any diving environment.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Download your dive logs in seconds, update your settings and interact effortlessly with your POSEIDON SE7EN, all using Bluetooth

Dive Management System
Enjoy enhanced interaction with your rebreather. The upgraded configuration tool interacts with your POSEIDON SE7EN via Bluetooth, allowing you to make configuration changes in moments. See your dive logs in far greater detail and much more. Better still, it’s now Mac compatible!

Recreational or 100M Technical Rebreather
The POSEIDON SE7EN can be whatever you want it to be! You can use the SE7EN as a Recreational Rebreather or as a 100M-rated Technical Rebreather; it’s your choice! Poseidon’s industry-leading upgrades give you the ultimate recreational and technical rebreather flexibility

Enhanced Service & Support
Poseidon already has class-leading reliability and technical support, but the POSEIDON SE7EN makes service and support even easier and more convenient. Automatic dive log downloads to support via Bluetooth, combined with detachable displays and sensors mean that support is even faster and more convenient than before!

Upgraded Mouthpiece
The best rebreather mouthpiece just got even better! A new system keeps the bail-out valve locked in place in closed or open circuit, while still enabling simple switches from closed to open circuit

Protective, desirable and functional in equal measures, the cover on the Poseidon SE7EN has a built-in handle and trim weight system, along with grab and lighting rails.
Few other rebreathers are smaller, lighter and as simple to use as the Discovery. But then again no one has ever made a rebreather for the sports diver. With its 18 kg, ready to dive it is less of a burden than a standard scuba tank. And with its unmatched degree of automation all what’s left to the diver is to enjoy the experience….

We have made close circuit diving as easy as it gets. Let the machine perform its pre-dive tests. If successful you know that you can dive safely. You have enough battery power, oxygen and diluent and your rebreather is calibrated, leak tested and ready to take you down under to experience the bubble-free and silent world of rebreather diving.

Everything in the Discovery is made with simplicity and safety in mind. To minimize complicated procedures and continuous checking and to maximize your diving experience. After all, isn’t that the whole idea of diving?
MkVI Facts
Size: 53 x 41 x 18 cm
Weight: 18 kilos ready to dive
Harness: Fits any BC
Scrubber: Sofnodive 797
Scrubber duration: 180 minutes (CE approval)
Oxygen supply: 390 litre
Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargable
Depth: 40 m on air
Standard features:
  • Fully automatic ADV in CC mode.
  • Integrated dive computer
  • PC software with IrDa
  • HUD with vibrator
  • Automatic sensor calibration and validation
  • Automatic Pre-Dive check
CE certified according to EN14143.
Document Version Release date
Rebreather_Diver safety white paper
A document that contains lessons learned from incidents involving MkVI rebreathers.

1.0 2013-05-20

Dive accident in Portugal - 2013-04-25
Fatal accident involving a Poseidon MkVI Discovery eCCR rebreather in Portugal
V 1.0 2013-04-26

In Regards to the South African Fatality - 2013-04-07
CEO's comments regarding speculations about what what caused the accident.
V 1.0 2013-04-07

Poseidon Diving Systems AB has received information about a fatal dive accident involving a Discovery MkVI rebreather, in Aliwal, South Africa.
V 1.1 2013-04-05

This is a technical bulletin that contains important technical information and instructions on how to make sure that all screws on the e-module is firmly tightned
V 1.3 2010-08-25

Accident Report
This is the accident report from the technical investigation of the unit that was involved in the dive accident in Norway, May 8th 2010.
V 1.0 2010-08-19

Free of charge to existing owners
As part of our ongoing development programme, Poseidon has identified a number of improvements to our flagship Discovery rebreather.
V 1.0 2010-06-17

A movie that shows how the parts of the upgrade kit are mounted/installed
V 1.0 2010-06-17

Poseidon Distributor meeting - Malta 2010
Poseidon Diving Systems AB held a Distributors meeting on Malta, February 22 - 25, where Distributors and staff from local dive centers got a chance to test the Discovery rebreather.

21 January 2010
Molecular Products Dives in and Discovers the Difference with SofnoDive® 797

Safety Bulletin 1
This Safety Bulletin report contains the investigation findings related to an incident that occured in Sweden, in June 2009.
V 1.5 2009-06-25